Clean-tech executives to Horgan: back off on Trans Mountain

More than two dozen clean-tech executives and venture capitalists have penned a letter to Premier John Horgan, asking him to back off on his opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Their main concern is the precedent it sets for a newly elected government to reverse a project that received regulatory approval by previous governments, particularly if conservative governments [...]

22 March 2018

Howe Sound gravel quarry approved

A sand and gravel quarry in Howe Sound has been approved by the provincial government, a year and a half after it entered the environmental review process. B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman and Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Minister have jointly granted an environmental certificate to Calgary’s Burnco Rock Products Ltd. to build a gravel and quarry on the north shore o [...]

21 March 2018

Digital media buoys B.C. company’s technology

A B.C. construction engineering company that has updated an ancient building method for use in modern structures has scored a marketing victory thanks to social media. It started a few years ago when Brent Wallace, general manager of the Richmond-based Lock-Block Ltd., put together a YouTube video of one of the company’s technologies. (Video embedded below.) Called Arch-Lock, the paten [...]

08 March 2018

Ilani to launch new event center on April 1

The Cowlitz Tribe was far from finished with the $510 million Ilani Casino Resort when it first opened the venue to visitors in April 2017 – and the newest part of the project could be a boon to Clark County’s business sector. The Ridgefield facility plans to launch its 22,000-square-foot Event Center on April 1, close to the one-year anniversary of the casino opening. The center, w [...]

24 February 2018

Reed Creative celebrates 20 years of collaboration

When Lori Reed began her business in San Diego 20 years ago with her husband, she had been looking for a full-time job that utilized her creative communication background. She was discouraged when she found that while many companies were interested in her work history and enthusiastic about working with her, most of them had small budgets and simply couldn’t afford to pay her enough. [...]

24 February 2018

Vancouver Airport Authority’s customs-kiosk business sets sail

Vancouver Airport Authority (VAA) last month notched a business breakthrough and what it calls a world’s first when an America Cruise Ferries operation installed two VAA-made customs kiosks aboard one of its ferries. The kiosks enable passengers on Ferries del Caribe’s daily Dominican Republic-to-Puerto Rico route to get through customs faster, allowing them to use a touch screen [...]

20 February 2018

Canadian Cannabis Business Flies 100,000 Plants to Vancouver Amid Real Estate Shortage

As the start date for legal recreational weed in Canada looms near, cannabis startups are scrambling to acquire ample real estate to grow enough weed to satisfy the impending demand. Brokerage firm Jones Lang LaSalle Canada estimates that the eight largest cannabis cultivators in the country will need more than 8 million square feet of space by 2020, according to Bloomberg. On top [...]

20 February 2018

Musician Craig "Mac Pontiac" Doyle dead at 51

Local musician and entrepreneur Craig Doyle has passed away at the age of 51.Friends of the singer-songwriter, better known as Mac Pontiac, tell the Straight that Doyle had recently undergone a minor heart procedure, and was given a clean bill of health after a visit to the hospital this weekend. He died on Sunday (February 11).As Mac Pontiac, Doyle was a fixture in Vancouver’s [...]

14 February 2018

Vancouver council approves Northeast False Creek development

The concept plan for a substantial new downtown Vancouver neighbourhood got the go-ahead at city hall Tuesday, after councillors agreed that Northeast False Creek should get more subsidized rental housing, more consultation with the Chinese community and an Indigenous name. But it took hours of debate, as councillors argued over the multiple issues raised by the plan for the area, whic [...]

14 February 2018

B.C. minimum wage hike announced in North Vancouver

B.C.’s minimum wage earners are getting a pay hike this June and one ever year after until they’re making $15.20 an hour in 2021. Premier John Horgan and Labour Minister Harry Bains made the announcement from a North Vancouver coffee shop on Thursday that their government, with the support of the B.C. Green Party, would be upping the wages of the lowest earners to $12.65 per hour on [...]

09 February 2018

Company posting Chinese-only bus ad wants help on immigrant business integration

The company that posted a controversial Chinese-only bus ad in Richmond last month is now asking the B.C. government to address disconnections between many Chinese businesses and the local community. TenKK, a Richmond-based business consulting firm, sent a public letter to the B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology last week, asking for better support for Chinese investors and entr [...]

09 February 2018

Pacific Coastal Airlines adds non-stop Vancouver-Tofino service

A new daily non-stop flight between Vancouver and Tofino has been added to Pacific Coastal Airlines’ spring schedule. The new flight starts April 3, though the spring schedule will begin March 4 and be in effect until June 3. The new flight will operate seven days a week, leaving Vancouver International’s south terminal at 3:15 p.m. and arriving at the Tofino/Long Beach Airport at 4 [...]

07 February 2018

Good Business Practices in Budapest

My family hasn’t produced great businessmen. Despite it, we always recognized great talent in that field. Take my fecund maternal grandfather Josef. Having fathered seven children, he thought that the family was now big enough to take care of itself, though not at the cost of his stopping all the fun. While on a business trip to Budapest in November 1904, he stayed, as usual, at [...]

07 February 2018

What effect does collapse of U.K.-based Carillion have on B.C.-based Rokstad Power?

In the immediate aftermath of the announced liquidation of global construction and services giant Carillion PLC, it is unclear what the effect will be on its Canadian operations, including local Rokstad Power.Darcy Leach, Rokstad’s corporate and legal affairs director, said Monday the B.C.-based company is monitoring the situation closely but does not at this time know what will happen [...]

16 January 2018

Preparing for disruption – risks and benefits

In the past decade, disruption has gone from being an annual or semi-annual event to something that happens weekly – sometimes even daily. That is making it difficult for businesses, professionals and governments alike to keep up – and stay competitive and relevant.Some see this new age of technological disruption as an opportunity. They eagerly anticipate how new devices and applicati [...]

09 January 2018

Bentall construction tragedy remembered as work-related injuries up in 2016 over previous year

The family comes every year to remember the tragic death of a husband and father — carpenter Donald Davis.Just 34, he and three other workers fell to their deaths on Jan. 7, 1981, when a platform 36 floors up collapsed during construction of the Bentall Centre Tower IV.Carpenters Gunther Couvreux, Brian Stevenson and Yrjo Mitrunen also died that day.“It’s important for us to be here, [...]

09 January 2018

International visitors power Canadian tourism boom

Canada’s tourism sector has been doing extremely well all year thanks in part to festivities to mark the country’s 150th year as a nation but it is not only travellers from within Canada or even the U.S. that is driving the boom.A December 20 report from the Conference Board of Canada crunched numbers to find that tourism growth from countries outside Canada and the U.S. is substanti [...]

21 December 2017

Coquitlam, Burnaby industrial set records

With some of the largest residential and retail developments underway, Burnaby and Coquitlam are headlined as among the hottest housing markets in Metro Vancouver – but the record-setting industrial sector is also turning heads.Burnaby set an industrial sales record two years ago as 73 properties traded hands for $230 million: in the first eight months of 2017, the 22 deals had already [...]

21 December 2017