What effect does collapse of U.K.-based Carillion have on B.C.-based Rokstad Power?

In the immediate aftermath of the announced liquidation of global construction and services giant Carillion PLC, it is unclear what the effect will be on its Canadian operations, including local Rokstad Power.Darcy Leach, Rokstad’s corporate and legal affairs director, said Monday the B.C.-based company is monitoring the situation closely but does not at this time know what will happen [...]

16 January 2018

Preparing for disruption – risks and benefits

In the past decade, disruption has gone from being an annual or semi-annual event to something that happens weekly – sometimes even daily. That is making it difficult for businesses, professionals and governments alike to keep up – and stay competitive and relevant.Some see this new age of technological disruption as an opportunity. They eagerly anticipate how new devices and applicati [...]

09 January 2018

Bentall construction tragedy remembered as work-related injuries up in 2016 over previous year

The family comes every year to remember the tragic death of a husband and father — carpenter Donald Davis.Just 34, he and three other workers fell to their deaths on Jan. 7, 1981, when a platform 36 floors up collapsed during construction of the Bentall Centre Tower IV.Carpenters Gunther Couvreux, Brian Stevenson and Yrjo Mitrunen also died that day.“It’s important for us to be here, [...]

09 January 2018

International visitors power Canadian tourism boom

Canada’s tourism sector has been doing extremely well all year thanks in part to festivities to mark the country’s 150th year as a nation but it is not only travellers from within Canada or even the U.S. that is driving the boom.A December 20 report from the Conference Board of Canada crunched numbers to find that tourism growth from countries outside Canada and the U.S. is substanti [...]

21 December 2017

Coquitlam, Burnaby industrial set records

With some of the largest residential and retail developments underway, Burnaby and Coquitlam are headlined as among the hottest housing markets in Metro Vancouver – but the record-setting industrial sector is also turning heads.Burnaby set an industrial sales record two years ago as 73 properties traded hands for $230 million: in the first eight months of 2017, the 22 deals had already [...]

21 December 2017

Social housing in posh Vancouver postal code? Not so fast

If Hector Bremner had his way, mansions in tony West Point Grey would be flanked by six-storey flats flush with students, seniors and social housing recipients.The new Non-Partisan Association councillor introduced a motion at city hall on Tuesday to rezone one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in the country to permit thousands of affordable rental homes in the area. But the motion was e [...]

13 December 2017

Parking restrictions compound construction woes for West End businesses

After watching their revenue dwindle through nearly two years of road construction, some business owners in Vancouver's West End say new parking issues are just making things worse. The storefront of Bicycle Sports Pacific at Burrard and Pacific has become much more accessible to customers now that upgrades to the intersection are nearly complete, according to manager Bob Gifford. But [...]

13 December 2017

Vancouver aerospace firm MDA preps bid for new Royal Canadian Navy ships

The Vancouver-founded aerospace firm known for creating the Canadarm will be part of a consortium putting forward a bid on the next generation of Canada’s naval vessels.MDA confirmed to Business In Vancouver on November 28 that if the bid were successful, the firm would provide electronics, antennas, radar, software and system engineering for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) progra [...]

29 November 2017

Metro municipalities brace for cannabis retail gold rush

Ottawa's Cannabis Act, Bill C-45, passed third reading in the House of Commons on November 27, little more than seven months before the federal government’s July 1, 2018, target date for legalizing recreational marijuana. The bill must be approved by the Senate and achieve Royal Assent but the writing is on the wall that legalization is on the way.The B.C. government has yet to reve [...]

29 November 2017

Large Japanese retailers gain ground in Vancouver

2017 in Metro Vancouver has been marked by the entry and proliferation of large Japanese retailers in the market – a trend set to continue December 2, when the household and consumer goods purveyor Muji opens its second store in the region, on Robson Street.Muji opened its first Metro Vancouver store at Metropolis at Metrotown August 25, and it’s rumoured the company will open a third [...]

25 November 2017

Black Friday: Find the best deals around Metro Vancouver

In America, Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving. But in Canada, where we celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago, Black Friday is probably better described as the Friday before Cyber Monday. With Christmas just around the corner, and no more major North American holidays standing between now and then, the holiday shopping season begins in earnest this weekend.To stir your holida [...]

24 November 2017

Four billion dollars worth of nothing

The former Liberal government left the new NDP government with a “disturbing legacy” in the form of a new hydro-electric dam that B.C. may not need just yet. But cancelling the Site C dam project now will mean passing that legacy onto B.C. taxpayers and BC Hydro ratepayers in the form of rate increases to pay for $4 billion worth of nothing. That is the conclusion of the Allied Hydr [...]

23 November 2017

From Mideast to Metro Vancouver, a developer's story

Amber sunlight sifts onto Melville Street below where Mohammed Esfahani, president of Qualex-Landmark Group, has his office. The company, he said, is a boutique developer, and while Vancouver wrestles with big-picture issues of supply, he prefers to work at a human scale. “The number of units we have built is not a measure of accomplishment,” Esfahani said. “The measure of accompli [...]

23 November 2017

How and Where to Begin with Your Mobile App Development?

Are you looking for an effective way of meeting the growing demands of your customers? If your answer is yes, then developing a mobile app for your business will not only allow you to keep up with the demands of the customers, but also help you to engage the new ones. 2017 has been a great year of mobile app marketing, as more than 85% of people prefer accessing a mobile app instead of vi [...]

18 November 2017

New Chinatown BBQ restaurant evokes past values, but may be a business model for the future

Vancouver resident May Tsang checks out the roasted duck and barbecued pork being chopped with a cleaver inside Chinatown BBQ.This is a new restaurant on East Pender in Chinatown. It evokes the Cantonese-style meat shops of the area’s past, but is also an example of how the city might, in the future, support so-called legacy businesses.Tsang heard that the owner of Chinatown BBQ hired st [...]

16 November 2017

Reasons why the Canadian property market refuses to fall: Don Pittis

It isn't just Canadians waiting to see tomorrow's latest real estate numbers. On Wednesday when the Canadian Real Estate Association releases the latest sales statistics and prices for resale homes, it will feel like the whole world is watching. At the end of last month the Swiss banking giant UBS put both Toronto and Vancouver in the top five of its international bad boy [...]

15 November 2017

B.C.’s most profitable adopting artificial intelligence

There’s no doubt most people associate artificial intelligence with sci-fi movies or spy novels, says Alex Fernandes. “Except that today, here and now, we’re doing it for real,” the CEO and founder of Avigilon Corp. (TSX:AVO) told Business in Vancouver on Roundhouse Radio. “It’s actually not science fiction but science fact.”The Vancouver-based tech firm, which ranks 66th on B [...]

15 November 2017

How to Spot Accounts Payable Fraud

Canadian businesses, like organizations around the world, tend to lose a lot of money each year because of fraud, and in most cases, it’s entirely avoidable. One area where fraud often goes under the radar is in the accounts payable department, but it can’t be stopped if it’s not first identified. The following are some ways to see where AP fraud is occurring, so steps can be made [...]

09 November 2017