4 Essential Questions for Those New to Coding and Software Development

The pressing need for more coders, software developers and tech-savvy individuals in the workforce is well-documented. As more and more jobs push the need for technical knowledge, the public at large is scrambling to snag those roles in pursuit of a well-paying, long-term career in an ever-growing field. That said, breaking into the space can be daunting for total newbies. The cliche advice [...]

21 October 2017

5 Small Office Renovations to Transform the Tone of Your Employees’ Workspaces

Could the layout of an office be killing your company’s mood and productivity? The design, layout and decoration of any given workplace are about much more than aesthetics, after all. As noted by Gallup’s 2017 statistics on employee engagement, it’s seemingly small and overlooked aspects of an office that has the biggest impact on morale. Office managers and CEOs can ignore such deta [...]

11 October 2017

Four Methods for Choosing the Right Stocks

There are about 2,800 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange and more than 3,000 stocks listed on the NASDAQ. There are thousands of other stocks listed on foreign exchanges, or not listed at all, but instead traded Over-the-Counter (OTC). With so many choices, it can be hard to pick the right stocks. Fortunately, we are going to go over four methods you can use to select stocks. Whether yo [...]

10 October 2017

Canada suffering from chronic access-to-information obfuscation

The Washington Post’s recently minted slogan, “Democracy Dies In Darkness,” arises from a long-ago U.S. court ruling on free-speech rights.But we in Canada can heed its message, too. In an important but little noticed way, we are in that same darkness. Our rights to know about our government’s activities are thwarted.This is not a matter of partisan politics or ideology: no matter the [...]

06 October 2017

Business in Vancouver 19: Suck it up, Gabriola

Vancouver's film and TV industry is bursting at the seams, which means productions are moving to Victoria and the Okanagan Valley -- as long as they can find the crews which are being poached by Vancouver.Pavco is being forced to release the real numbers for ticket sales of Whitecaps and B.C. Lions games, while Gabriola Islanders don't want freighters anchoring off their pristine shores.And as Tyl [...]

04 October 2017

Vancouver’s RYU to open in Brooklyn

Vancouver athletics and leisurewear seller RYU Apparel Inc. (TSX Venture: RYU) plans to open a store in Brooklyn, New York early next year in an opening that would mark the brand’s sixth store.RYU, which stands for Respect Your Universe, opened its fourth store, at 361 Queen Street, in Toronto, on September 25. It plans to open its fifth store, at Metropolis at Metrotown on October 14 or October [...]

03 October 2017

Wind or water?

Would you rather spend $100,000 on a car designed to run for at least 70 years or $25,000 for a car that you will have to replace every 20 years, but which you know is almost guaranteed to be cheaper to replace?Just one thing: the $25,000 car runs only 30% of the time, when the weather is bad.That is the – admittedly oversimplified – debate that is shaping up around the Site C dam.While there [...]

27 September 2017

U.S. landowners oppose Vancouver company’s gold search

Landowners who have properties such as cabins in South Dakota’s Black Hills National Forest are opposing a submission by Mineral Mountain Resources (TSXV:MMV) for an operating plan to drill 20 holes on federal land a couple miles south of the community of Rochford.The Vancouver-based company’s objective is to search for gold through its U.S. subsidiary. Another 12 sites will be drilled on near [...]

27 September 2017

Collins Barrow urges delay of private company tax proposals

CNW/ - Coming out of their annual board meeting, Collins Barrow is urging the Canadian government to delay the enactment of measures that profoundly change the taxation of private corporations and their shareholders, as proposed in draft legislation introduced July 18, 2017. At their Partners' Conference this past weekend, members addressed the potential implications of these proposals o [...]

27 September 2017

Massage Addict boosts expansion in Western Canada

Massage Addict—the largest and fastest growing Registered Massage Therapy company in Canada—is taking Western Canada by storm with 3 new clinics just opened and another opening by year's end(CNW) - Massage Addict Inc., Canada's largest, membership-based Registered Massage Therapy company, is expanding at a rapid pace in the Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton areas of Alberta—and will be exhibit [...]

27 September 2017

Alterna Bank expands ATM access to digital clients across Canada

(CNW) - Alterna Bank is expanding its footprint across Canada with the addition of up to 149 Alterna branded ATM's across Canada. This expansion comes just one year after Alterna Bank jumped to the forefront of the digital banking revolution by launching Canada's first and only end-to-end digital bank, including a full digital mortgage platform. Canadians have quickly embraced the digital [...]

27 September 2017

B.C. Crown corporations post steady revenue growth

The province’s largest Crown corporations have generated steady revenue growth since 2013, but that hasn’t translated to increased employment.BC Housing was the only company in the top five of Business in Vancouver’s Biggest Crown Corporations in B.C. list that hasn’t posted consistent year-over-year growth since 2012. Its revenue dropped 7% in 2013 to $610 million from $657 million in 201 [...]

26 September 2017

Women in Business: Speaking up

Set aside snakes, forget flying and disregard the dark – the top fear for many professionals is public speaking. For some, glossophobia (as the condition is officially known) is even more terrifying than dying. It may sound far-fetched, but not to those whose careers force them to fight through the phobia.“I still am terrified before I go onstage. My heart’s pounding. I’m sweating so I alw [...]

21 September 2017

Fraser Valley apartment sales break monthly record

Fraser Valley Real Estate Board transactions broke another record in June as realtors sold the most apartments ever in a one-month period.In 30 days, 683 transactions were completed, representing 27% of all sales activity. This was an increase of 13.1% compared with apartment sales in June of last year and 12.2% compared with May 2017.The record-breaking month was led by Surrey, where 345 apartmen [...]

20 September 2017

CETA set to swing EU door wide open for B.C. business

Canada's fast-approaching free trade agreement with Europe is a golden opportunity to invigorate B.C.’s manufacturing, technology and other value-added sectors – but only if local companies learn to convey concrete benefits to potential European customers.That’s the message from lawyers heavily involved in international trade circles who spoke in Vancouver recently to galvanize B.C. business [...]

20 September 2017

Conversations That Matter: The importance of small businesses

This week Conversations That Matter features Laura Jones of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, who talks about the value that small businesses contributes to the economy. “Over half the private sector jobs are in small business. So small businesses create jobs,” she said. “But they do way more than just creating jobs. You know in an economic downturn, big busines [...]

16 September 2017

How Does Expense Management Software Save Money?

It’s always surprising when businesses, particularly large-scale organizations, either are still doing expense management the old-fashioned way, or have software that is lacking in functionality and robust features. Expense management software has so many benefits for a company. It saves time, reduces errors, helps promote transparency, and it makes life easier for employees. Of course, it [...]

12 September 2017

Vancouver looks to make Gastown a 'pedestrian priority area'

Gastown is the oldest and smallest neighbourhood in Vancouver — but could it be the only one without cars at its centre?Next month, the City of Vancouver will begin developing a transportation plan for the area. One of the four stated goals is to explore Vancouver's first "car-light or pedestrian priority area."What exactly "pedestrian priority" could entail will be [...]

07 September 2017


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The pressing need for more coders, software developers and tech-savvy individuals in the workforce [...]

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