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5 Small Office Renovations to Transform the Tone of Your Employees’ Workspaces

Could the layout of an office be killing your company’s mood and productivity?

The design, layout and decoration of any given workplace are about much more than aesthetics, after all.

As noted by Gallup’s 2017 statistics on employee engagement, it’s seemingly small and overlooked aspects of an office that has the biggest impact on morale. Office managers and CEOs can ignore such details at their own peril if they want to keep around their talent for the long haul.

Considering that office workers are job-hopping quite frequently, anything you can do to keep your team happy is a major plus. If you think that renovating your office for the sake of employee engagement and happiness is beyond your reach, think again. We’ve outlined five cost-effective ways to switch up your office and get your employees in good spirits.

Embrace a Brighter Space

When your employees feel like they’re stuck in a dark and dingy dungeon, their performance and mood are going to suffer as a result. Whether through controlling the natural in your light through vertical blinds or installing soft lighting fixtures throughout the office, a well-lit environment is crucial to turning around the vibe of any given office. Again, you can’t afford to overlook the subtle aspects of employee engagement.

Ditch Cubicles for Open Seating

This may seem like a drastic tip, but consider how open environments are all the rage for modern offices right now. There’s a reason why there’s a negative stereotype associated with cubicles: nobody wants to feel like they’re totally cooped up and walled off while they’re at work.

Instead, you should strive to create a literal open environment with your workers that emphasize collaboration and socialization for the sake of productivity. The benefits of open seating versus cubicles are three-fold:

  • You can combat feelings of isolation and loneliness within the workplace
  • You ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page by making conversations much easier
  • You encourage new ideas, input and feedback from all of your team rather than a select few

Establish “Quiet” Rooms

That said, employees also like a bit of quiet time in addition to opportunities collaborate. Workers should indeed have the opportunity to work totally uninterrupted for a few hours a day. Whether through designated hours or “quiet” rooms, you give your workers the privacy they need while also avoiding the problem of turning your office environment into a cocktail party.

New Personal Space Policies

According to the noted Gallup data, your workers’ personal desks are a sacred place. Workers want to feel a connection with their workplace and opportunities to feel more at home, so ask yourself: are you giving them that opportunity?

Consider giving your workers some leeway in terms of what’s allowed at their desks, including how they can decorate, allowing them to listen to music or customizing their desk layout. The more freedom you can afford your team, the better.

Mind Your Walls

On a final note, there’s nothing worse than having to stare at barren walls all day. Some creative options for office walls include a fresh coat of paint or bold artwork; however, you can also implement a collaborative whiteboard where your team can gather day after day. Regardless, give your employees something to look at in any given space of your office.

Improving productivity and morale in the workplace doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Believe it or not, implementing these tips over time can potentially transform your workplace.

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