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Good Business Practices in Budapest

My family hasn’t produced great businessmen. Despite it, we always recognized great talent in that field. Take my fecund maternal grandfather Josef. Having fathered seven children, he thought that the family was now big enough to take care of itself, though not at the cost of his stopping all the fun. While on a business trip to Budapest in November 1904, he stayed, as usual, at the Hotel Gellert. Around the corner from it at that time was the St. Salvator Pharmacy, wherein the window they had a sign about a magic potion they had which prevented conception. Grandpa Josef quickly acquired the wonder drug and hurried back home for those enchanting nights with granny Anna.

And on September 1, 1905, right on schedule, arrived my mother as their sixth child. While everybody was overjoyed, Grandpa Josef was quietly furious. He hurried to the now not-so-magical pharmacy to show them a picture of my naked mother on a sheepskin rug and to give them a piece of his mind, pointing out that the sign in the window was in fact false advertising. When he was finished. the raptly listening pharmacist gladly gave him his money back. Then he politely asked if he could borrow the sheepskin rug picture overnight to show it to his wife, who adored cute little tykes like that, thereby completely disarming grandpa Josef.

The next day when grandpa came to retrieve the photo, the anti-conception sign was gone from the window. In its place was a much-enlarged picture of my mother on her sheepskin and underneath it an easily readable text which proclaimed that the St. Salvator Pharmacy had a potion which resulted in babies as beautiful as this.

Now, that’s what I call business acumen.

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