09 February 2018 0 Comments Posted By : Brent Richter/ North Shore News

B.C. minimum wage hike announced in North Vancouver

B.C.’s minimum wage earners are getting a pay hike this June and one ever year after until they’re making $15.20 an hour in 2021.

Premier John Horgan and Labour Minister Harry Bains made the announcement from a North Vancouver coffee shop on Thursday that their government, with the support of the B.C. Green Party, would be upping the wages of the lowest earners to $12.65 per hour on June 1with annual increases for the next four years. The move follows the recommendation of the Fair Wage Commission, struck by the NDP and Greens after they took office last year. It was also a campaign pledge by NDP.

Horgan chose JJ Bean because the Vancouver-based company voluntarily raised their starting wage to $14 per hour to match the newest minimum wage brought in in Ontario.

“It’s long overdue that British Columbia workers be on the same pay scale as the workers in other provinces like Ontario, Alberta and Quebec,” Horgan said, noting the 400,000 workers in B.C. are earning less than $15 per hour. “They shouldn’t have to rely on food banks. They shouldn’t have to rely on two and three jobs. They should be able to find a place where they can make an honest living, feed their families and realize their full potential.”

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