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The Top Essentials You Need To Pack For Your RV Trip Into Canada

Once you have mapped out your road trip through Canada and booked your camping sites at great locations such as Mount Kidd RV Park in Alberta or Hidden Valley Campground in British Columbia, your next step will be to pack all of the gear that you will need for your RV adventure.

Even if you’re not quite sure on where you want to go yet, Outdoorsy can help you select great camping locations and book those locations at a time that is convenient for you. At that point, all that will be left for you to do is pack.

Here are the top essentials you need to pack for your next RV trip into Canada:

Food and Cooking Items

Of course you expected to see this on this list. Meal planning is a critical component of getting ready for an RV trip. Since many campgrounds are located many miles away from the nearest restaurants or grocery stores, you will need to bring your food with you and plan out your meals accordingly.

Single pot recipes or BBQ meals are your best bet for an RV trip because they are easy to make in your RV and will minimize the amount of dirty dishes that you will need to clean. You’ll need to bring pre-chopped ingredients as well, such as meat and vegetables, in addition to cooking equipment such as a pot, skillet/pan, condiments, bowls, plates, utensils, containers, coolers, aluminum foil, and Ziploc bags.  Finally, don’t forget to bring garbage bags as well.

Clothes (For Dressing In Layers)

Something that many people don’t think about when preparing for RV trips is that the weather can be highly unpredictable. This is why you must dress smart and pack your clothes accordingly. Bring enough clothes so that you can dress in layers if necessary. All in all, you’ll need a coat, jacket, rain gear, a hat, boots/hiking shoes, a swimsuit, and suitable shirts and pants/shorts for hiking.

Personal Hygiene/Cleaning Supplies

This is perhaps the most overlooked category when it comes to packing for RV road trips. You are going to need to reserve an entire drawer or closet just for personal hygiene items and towels. Many RVers like to store these items either in the bathroom or in the storage space underneath the bed.

Games and other Activities

Finally, remember that whole purpose to embarking on an RV trip is to have fun, and to that end you are going to need to remember to bring equipment for fun activities that will help make it so. Examples could include bicycles, fishing equipment, or outdoor games.

Getting Ready For Your Next RV Trip

Packing is one of the most essential elements of preparing for an RV trip. These are the top categories of items that you will unquestionably need to pack into your RV for a trip that is equally as fun and exciting as it is smooth sailing.

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