From Vancouver to Pyeongchang, Virtue and Moir made Olympic figure skating history

Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir become the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history Tuesday, winning their fifth career medal at the Pyeongchang Games.No other skaters have collected that much hardware on Olympic ice.As they lower the curtain on their remarkable career, here is a look at their medal performances:ICE DANCE GOLDVancouver 2010 [...]

21 February 2018

Walmart courts urban Vancouver customers with launch of fresh grocery delivery service

TORONTO — Walmart Canada Corp. is ramping up its food selling business in the West with the launch of online fresh grocery delivery in Vancouver as supermarkets across the country step up their fight against Inc.Walmart, which began delivering groceries to residents in the Toronto area last year, announced Wednesday that it will launch fresh grocery delivery in Vancouve [...]

21 February 2018

Douglas Todd: Is China bursting Vancouver’s housing bubble?

The author of Millionaire Migrants was one the first to provide evidence that the foreign real-estate dreams of China’s wealthy have arguably had more impact than anything on Metro Vancouver’s housing unaffordability.UBC geographer David Ley, along with SFU’s Wu Qiyan, told me early this year the city’s real-estate bubble would be punctured when leaders of the People’s Republic [...]

07 October 2017

Drop in GTA home prices prompts new warning: seller beware

Jasmin Sheba had already sold her furniture in anticipation of moving this week when she learned the buyer of her house wanted $20,000 off the selling price to close the deal.He threatened to sue for the $10,000 deposit if he didn’t get the reduction, she said. But the stay-at-home mother was defiant.“I have a 2-year-old and, after all the house showings, the craziness, you’re goin [...]

24 August 2017

Toronto’s anti-abortion protests grow as city councillor moves to make ‘vulgar’ signs illegal

As Toronto’s increasingly young anti-abortion movement ramps up its graphic on-street displays, at least one city councillor is fighting back. On Saturday, Councillor Sarah Doucette (Ward 13, Parkdale-High Park) joined concerned families in her neighbourhood of Swansea to counter-protest against what she calls “vulgar” signs imposed on people in her community against their will.A [...]

24 August 2017

Toronto police board member is blue over the new colour of police cars

About a year ago, Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders, decided without much “deep thought” that the city’s white, red and blue patrol cars should be replaced with all-grey cruisers.A public backlash followed. Critics said the “stealth grey” was too militaristic and sent the wrong message to the public. Design and safety experts questioned why police would choose a color lackin [...]

24 August 2017