Jeff White Named Creative Director of ILM Vancouver

VANCOUVER -- Academy Award-winning visual effects supervisor Jeff White has taken the role of creative director of Industrial Light & Magic’s Vancouver studio. A 16-year veteran at the company, White’s creative leadership complements ILM Vancouver Executive in Charge Randal Shore’s business acumen, as the two set out to take the maturing studio to new heights. Recently, the Academy [...]

28 February 2018

Maryse Belanger: ‘For me, the world is divided in two – makes sense, doesn’t make sense’

Maryse Belanger, 56, is a geologist and chief operating officer at Atlantic Gold Corp., responsible for strategic development, overall operational and technical management; currently managing construction and commissioning projects in Nova Scotia.I was born in Chicoutimi, Que. When I was a teenager, I wanted to study French literature – I wanted to be a writer. A sister's boyfriend and a friend [...]

02 October 2017

Bond between Chinese Canadians and Canada’s Aboriginals

A recent article reminded me of the natural affinity the Chinese have always had with our Aboriginal population. In a publication called Rice Paper Magazine, Jackie Wong wrote about, “The Mysterious Life of Wah Kwan Gwan.” It was about the late Wah Kwan, an Aboriginal adopted by a Chinese family at a young age, who went on to become a major contributor to Vancouver’s Cantonese opera co [...]

24 August 2017

Globe and Mail journalist detained briefly by Chinese police

The Globe and Mail says one of its journalists was detained while reporting in the Xinjiang region in western China. Nathan VanderKlippe, the Globe's correspondent in Asia, says in several Twitter posts Wednesday that he was held for about three hours before Chinese officials released him. The newspaper's editor-in-chief says VanderKlippe was detained, had his computer seized a [...]

24 August 2017